Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Dr. Wesley KiruiMathematics is an important tool for communication and other operations not only in science but also in day to day activities. Mathematics also provides intrigues and mysteries in its various patterns, structures and theorems. Mathematics is a beauty in itself and can be captivating and addictive if properly grasped. At South Eastern Kenya University the courses in Mathematics and Actuarial Science Department have been designed not only to give the student necessary skills to perform operations in various professional fields such as in the Academics, public, corporate sectors, etc, but also provide the students the opportunity to pursue their post graduate studies in this area. Recognizing the important role that the Computer Science and Information Technology plays in the modern world, this programs incorporates a significant number of courses in that area.

Academic programmes offered in the Department

  1. Master of Science in Applied Statistics
  2. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science).
  3. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics).
  4. Bachelor of Science (Statistics).

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